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...My eyes rise to the man made stars and my vision blurs into ecstatic blue and white beats
For these divine hours in this heavy music box we are each of us, connected
Whether one, five or twenty years apart
Whether agile body or busted bone
We each, in this moment move to the slide, thump, boom of the beat
Close our eyes and link the line...

— Excerpt from Sound and Vision
...Looks the part but sounds ridiculous
a hippy cowboy
rode in on a beat up Cadillac
long Hair, Roman nose, tanned skin -

cock sure grin
my father come visit
and all the kids
come running
— Excerpt from Strawberry God Head
...You feel the pain of a slowly ageing system
A consequence from so much love and hard cosmic graft
All to haul you through to this paradise
Where pain and death exist
In every moment of love
In every moment of arrival
In every moment of homecoming...

— Excerpt from Deathless
...And I see something else
A seam of gold running through you, through that black
Through random rising fire
From fear and trauma and the many numbers done on you
I see something else
I think you don’t, not always
Once never, now more
In this room, in each of your many eyes
I see it
Now more than ever
A seam of it
Running through you
So mine it, turn the coal in to gold...
— Excerpt from Black Seam