Hear Caspar in conversation with Tiggy Walker on Abbey 104 radio, November 2018.


Caspar Walsh is interviewed by Sarah Hurley at the Oxford Storytelling Festival in August 2018, on bridging the myth of the masculine/feminine divide.


Hear Caspar talk about Mindful Masculinity with Decca Aitkenhead at the Port Eliot Festival, July 2018

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The Good Men Project review The Mindful Man
Reclaim a Male Tradition as Old as Men: How “The Mindful Man” addresses inclusive interdependence of men and can lead to a more empathetic society.



Caspar speaks to Joe Daniels, the creator of Man to Man, a blog and podcasts with the aim to define a new type of masculinity.


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Resurgence & Ecologist

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Caspar Walsh | TEDxTotnes | 2015

Caspar discusses how hunting can teach prisoners to address their crimes and the effect they have on the lives of others. Caspar Walsh has been involved in the British prison system since he was a child; as a visitor to his father, an inmate and finally, a highly regarded and skilled workshop facilitator.