Tribe Warrior

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Tribe Warrior


''Till we draw our last breath, till our bodies are cold in the ground... we stick together, brothers, warriors, hunters, friends for life.'' 

Exiled. Blinded. Lost. 
Maklan of the Deer Tribe of the North, journeys through the ancient landscape of Dartmoor in search of a real father, his true tribe and freedom. In his darkest hour he stumbles across a tribe of lost souls eking out a chaotic, violent existence. No one can contain them. Until they cross the line. That line is Serra of the River Tribe. With her, they seal their fate, forcing themselves on a collision course with Maklan and all tribes of moor, river and sea. Will Maklan survive this harrowing quest to find a land he can call home, a tribe he can call his own? 

5* Online Reviews

“This is a gripping tale of kinship, human darkness and love. The story talks of universal themes so relevant to life today... the struggle to stay on the path, to do the right thing, to forgive, to love....something about the setting stirred up memories of Lord of the Rings, while the themes are much more Lord of the Flies. - Pontoni1980

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More 5* Online Reviews

“An emotionally deep, quick paced and very accessible read. As any great novel, Tribe Warrior sends the reader into a thought-provoking empathetic journey where the character's reality personally resonates. It is for that reason I get a sense of the sheer potential this book has for touching and beginning the motions of change in the lives of vulnerable young adults.” - Ben909
“Tribe Warrior is a book that shows the kind of power rarely seen in this genre of fiction. A story of conflict, dominance and a search for a better future, however it might be found. It is a tale that captures the imagination and leaves the mind entrenched with new ideas and a new outlook, long after it has been put down. This is a vital read. It offers guidance in a void where society is failing. A true inspiration, gritty and honest, shattering sides and boundaries, not to be missed.” - Ellie W

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