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When Caspar Walsh was three years old his father became his primary carer. But Caspar's father wasn't classic dad material. He robbed banks, he dealt drugs and made his living from deception and violence. He loved his son but not enough to change his criminal lifestyle. Despite all this Caspar trusted him, loved him and looked up to him. When he grew up, he wanted to be just like his dad. Caspar got what he wanted. CRIMINAL is the harrowing story of a wild childhood punctuated by drugs, violence, sexual abuse and the frequent absences of a father in prison. It's the story of how Caspar inevitably became part of his father's world: doing drugs, dealing drugs, doing time. And how, eventually, as a young man, Caspar dragged himself out of the gutter, out of prison and out of crime and made the decision to rehabilitate himself and, by coming full circle to work with offenders, help change the lives of others like him.

“An extraordinary biography. Vibrantly written with one of the most compelling characters in Caspar's father that I've come across in a long time. A masterful portrayal of the two sides of a man.” - Minette Walters Author, The Sculptress

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“This is a fine unsparing book about what addiction does to all the lives it touches. If you want to understand why our prisons are bulging and where some hope for the future lies, read this book.”
Helen Dunmore. Inaugural winner of the Orange Prize, A Spell of Winter


“Thankfully Walsh’s abused, drug crazed, sham glam, criminal childhood landed him in prison rather than the morgue. The journey from there to where he is now is redemptive, fuelled by a quiet heroism that is deeply moving.”
Peter Florence – Director, Hay Festival


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